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We are specialize in scooty rental, and offer a more diverse selection of bikes. Our motor bikes are great option for those who want a little extra power while they’re riding.

When choosing a bike rental company in pondicherry, it’s important to consider what type of bike you want to rent, and what your budget is. We offer discounts for longer rentals, so if you’re planning on riding for a few days, it’s worth considering that option. 

You’ve found a best bike rental company in pondicherry , all you need to do is choose the bike you want to rent and enjoy exploring pondicherry on two wheels!

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We Provide High Quality bikes and Scooters to rent in pondicherry , we provide Best Brands motor bike with primium condition.

Need a little more room? Extra storage space? No matter what you’re looking for, we’ve got a great selection of all the latest and greatest brands and models for rent. Browse below to book a vehicle today!

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Most trusted and affordable bike rental service company in pondicherry.


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Bike rentals in Pondicherry

The union territory of Puducherry, formerly known as Pondicherry is one of the most exquisite coastal cities in India. The history of this romantic city goes back to many centuries ago where you can find a mix of French-dominant architecture from the colonial period which can be appreciated when taking strolls by the Bay of Bengal. Alamy Travel recommends travel tours around Puducherry India via PY bike rentals company since they are inexpensive and convenient with places offering choices between leisurely rides or spinning through traffic while seeing all the popular attractions on your way to get off your feet and head over to the next sightseeing venue.

Your most trusted partner for bike rentals in Pondicherry.

The best way to get around Pondicherry is by scooter. Rickshaws can become tiring and inconvenient but traveling by two-wheeler allows you to discover the city at your own pace, stopping whenever you feel like it. Since many of the city’s main attractions are spread out, you will waste less time traveling between those spots! If you want to take full advantage of your trip, remember that scooter rent in Pondicherry is available to all travelers!


Bike Rental in Pondicherry is the best way to experience the amazing landscapes of the Bay of Bengal with its gorgeous views, tropical weather and the French colonial architecture which makes Pondicherry unique.  As you can imagine, exploring Pondicherry on your own on foot would be quite difficult with such a wide area to cover. By travelling by bus or rickshaw, one might miss certain key areas as well. Why not explore it all more freely on rent in Pondicherry?

Choose PY bike rentals for the best bike hire in Pondicherry

Pondicherry’s transportation system is incredibly efficient and modern, making it easy for any tourist who may not be familiar with this exciting city to navigate and enjoy themselves here at PY bike rentals. As a reliable bike rental service in Pondicherry, we have many qualities that make us the first choice for tourists looking to rent a scooter or motorbike during their stay here.


The roads are smooth without too many bumps, so you won’t get sore or get fatigue as quickly while riding around and seeing everything there is to see in Pondicherry on two wheels! Hiring a motorbike or scooter also allows you to discover new areas of the city that might otherwise be inaccessible due to traffic. Whether you’re in need of motorbike rentals Pondicherry or moped rentals Pondicherry, PY bike rentals has you covered!


We have plenty of bike rental scooters and motorbikes in Pondicherry to keep you on the go. Our Honda Activa scooter rentals are great for short trips inside city limits, where as our Enfield Bullet motorcycle rentals will let you explore farther afield. We also offer an extensive range of other two-wheeler types, all long term bike hire costs are affordable and convenient to use. PY bike rentals assures that customers experience complete transparency throughout the trip planning process.